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Doug relieved much pain in our home. Not only did he do that by massage to my neck and head, but he also listened to our problems. Doug never minimized any of our talks that he listened to so intently. He was the only person that could get my mom out of her room with a smile. She was also so happy to “dance” with Doug in the living room. After she went to Crossland Nursing Home I told her that Doug had sent his regards. She said “Oh, he’s the one that dances with me”. She didn’t realize that Doug was actually getting her to exercise. Doug contributed so much to our household just by being Doug. He was always so professional and compassionate. It’s hard for most people to do this at the same time. After my mom died Doug and I had a quiet moment together which did so much for me after the crazy schedule I tried to maintain as everything was going haywire. I told Doug that if I ever got sick again, I would ask for him personally.

  Mary Jane Aaron
  P.S. I'm sure my mom is waiting for us, her missing links, in Heaven.
  If she could she would thank Doug herself.

I have been with Midas Creek Home Health from the beginning, when a neighbor referred me. Leisa comes in once a week and it’s like having a family member come to visit. [Midas Creek staff] are trustworthy, follow through, and listen to me. I am able to share personal and health challenges with them and we have a very good relationship. ”I used another service before Midas Creek and I was so distraught. They never got here at the time they scheduled and I never knew who would be taking care of me. Midas Creek has great communication; they always answer directly or call back quickly; I have a good understanding of and like how the staff schedules work. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience.

- Eva Baxter, age 67