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7 Warning Signs of Health Problems in Aging Parents

Here are seven signs of potential health problems in aging parents of friends.

1. Are they taking care of themselves, i.e. clean clothes, good personal hygiene, and well kept yard and home?

2. Are they experiencing memory loss, beyond misplaced glasses or occasional missed appointments?

3. Are they safe in their home? Does their home have potentials for falls like narrow stairs or poor lighting?

4. Are they safe on the road or do they get confused easily or drive erratically?

5. Have they lost weight? This could mean difficulty with cooking tasks, loss of taste or smell or some underlying condition.

6. Are they in good spirits? A drastic change in mood could signal health concerns.

7. Are they able to get around or are they reluctant to walk far or leave home?

If you notice any of the signs in the older person, you should take action by talking with the person, encourage regular checkups, address safety issues, and consider home care services if needed.