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ObamaCare is Coming

October 1st is the opening date of the insurance marketplace which is part of Obama’s health care reform plan. It is also the beginning of open enrollment. Now is the time to look into your health care options and see which plan will be the best for you. For help in sorting out all the […]

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Is Skinnier really Healthier?

For many years now, the health community has told us that being overweight was a health risk and everyone should work hard to obtain a fit and trim body with ┬áno more than 20 percent body fat. If we did not achieve these goals, we were putting our health at risk. New research shows that […]

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Does ObamaCare Affect You

With the new health care laws going into effect next year, now is the time to start looking at your options and how the new guidelines may effect you or your loved ones. October 1 is the beginning of open enrollment for the new federal marketplace. Part of the new law makes is possible to […]

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