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Benefits of Home Health Care

Home health care services allow a patient to receive medical care right in the comfort of their own home. Whether it is a private residence, an apartment, or an assisted living facility, home health care staff comes to you. Home health care can be a benefit to chronic or recovering patients and provide them the […]

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Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a growing health concern among the population at large and can be especially challenging for seniors. Midas Creek Home Health Care offers a program for diabetes management to help seniors and their families understand cope with the demands of diabetes. Their program teaches the patients about their disease. They learn of problems and […]

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Preventing Falls

Winter is here and so are slippery conditions. The cold and slippery conditions make preventing falls a challenge for everyone, but seniors are¬†particularly¬†vulnerable. If seniors fall, their rehabilitation is long and difficult, so it is best to avoid falls if possible. Midas Creek Home Health Care has a program especially for seniors to help prevent […]

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