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The importance of Speech

A valuable, but often overlooked, component of home health care is speech therapy. As people age, they can lose their ability to communicate due to stroke or other health problems. This lack of communication can cause fear and frustration in a patient. For a patient that has mobility issues as well as communication issues, having […]

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Keeping up with changing health

A person’s health is constantly changing, and this is especially true with our senior patients. Midas Creek Home Health Care does a full health assessment every 60 days to make sure patients needs are being met in the efficient and cost effective way. By doing frequent assessments, we can make sure needed services are added […]

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What is Home Health Care?

Many people do not know all the things that home health care can offer. Everyone assumes that home health care takes care of medical needs like administering medicines, changing out oxygen, and so forth, but most people don’t realize the other things home health care can do. Often, when families are caring for an aging […]

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