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Physical Therapy is a pain

Physical therapy is a pain for both the one receiving the therapy and those that are having to get the patient to therapy. Home health care is a blessing for these patients and their families. A family care giver often has  to get a patient dressed, loaded in the car, and driven to the physical therapist office, […]

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I love Mom, but I need HELP!

We love and appreciate our parents, but what do we do when their care becomes too much for us to take care of on our own? Nursing homes are impersonal and expensive and they don’t need full time care, just help with some things. In these cases home health care can be the answer. This […]

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Seniors remain self sufficient with Home Health Care Visits

One of the greatest benefits of home health care visits is that it allows the individual to remain in their home and remain self sufficient.  The idea of being moved into a rest home, or assisted living facility, is frightening to most people. Being able to remain in their home allows a patient to feel […]

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